Welcome To ’s
Swag Program

You will need to download our Mobile app and enter the code when prompted after submitting your details.

Advantages of Downloading the App

  • You can participate in the Swag Program
  • Easier Check-in with our App and VIP lineup for app users only
  • You can order for Take-Out or Delivery with the App and Track your Driver

Download Now!

How Does the Swag Program Work?

You can earn Molson Points which you can accumulate to redeem for Great Branded gifts like Keychains, Beer Glasses, Hats, TShirts, Umbrellas, Raffle Tickets for Great prizes like signed posters and jerseys or tickets to games.

How do you Earn points?

Earning points is easy, simply take actions within our mobile app. To accumulate points, you must agree to receive push notifications and allow location services. Turning them off, will disable further point accumulation.

  • Download the App – 25 pts – must accept push notifications to get points
  • Open the App – 1 pt (max 1/day)
  • Look at a Business in the App you have not seen before - 1pt (max 1 per day)
  • Check in With App – 10 pts Max 1 time/ 4 hours
  • Check out with App – 10 pts Max 1 time/ 4 hours
  • Look at a Business in the App you have not seen before - 1pt (max 1 per day)
  • Read a VIP Updates Push Notification within 1 hour - 10 pts
  • Read a VIP Updates Email - 5pts

How do I Redeem Points for Swag and Prizes?

Redeeming Points is EASY, simply:

  • click the order button in the app
  • Select Redeem your Molson Swag Points
  • You will see your available credits and be able to redeem for anything you like.
  • We will send you a Push Notification when your Reward has arrived. (it can take up to 30 days to arrive to our location)
  • Come by on that day with your mobile phone and during the hours stated to pickup your prize!